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We dive in a local quarry less than 10 minutes from the store. If you’d like to dive with us at this quarry either sign up for a class or come join us when we are planning on going on one of many dives at the quarry.


Dutch Springs

Dutch Springs is located in the Lehigh Valley just north of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Dutch Springs is a 50-acre lake, with attractions at depths up to 100 feet. It is spring-fed from an underground aquifer that filters through limestone to provide excellent visibility.



Scuba Lake Rawlings, Rawlings VirginiaLake Phoenix

The avid diver will experience nothing less than a good time at Lake Rawlings. While many divers wouldn’t look toward the Mid-Atlantic for a quality diving location, Lake Rawlings provides surprises for those seeking something different in their adventures. With a maximum depth of 65 feet, warm water, and good visibility (30 to 60 feet), the lake has many wonders to explore. Lake Rawlings is conveniently located off Interstate 85 in Rawlings, Virginia.


Mt. Storm, WV

Weather in these mountains is changeable and sometimes severe, hence the name “Mt. Storm.” From late spring through early fall, air temperatures are typically comfortable and the water reaches its peak of 95 F (35 C). As lake temperature exceeds that of the air, fog forms, giving the whole scene an otherworldly quality. From December through April, few recreational divers visit the lake, however, diving doesn’t cease.

Winter at Mt. Storm belongs to tech divers. Hardy members of northern Virginia’s technical diving community think little of winding up the mountain roads in single-digit temperatures to get in a couple of practice dives. There is, however, no ice diving here; the temperate 60-degree F (16-degrees C) water allows bottom times of an hour or more with minimal danger of hypothermia for those properly equipped with adequate thermal protection (dry suits).

Mt. Storm Lake is about 145 miles (232 km) west of the Washington D.C. beltway. It is 64 miles (102 km) west of Winchester, Virginia, via U.S. Route 50. At West Virginia 42, turn south, drive four miles to West Virginia 93. From there, turn west and drive about 2.5 miles (4 km) until you see the signs for Mt. Storm Lake.